Jogging & running tours in Prague

Business running

Have you come for a few days to Prague because of corporate business, conference or for some other reason and still want to keep on with your jogging exercise, but you have no time to check  Prague running possibilities?

The Business Running is designed for those, who don’t want to waste their time. We can arrange your workout, so you will run with our guide directly from your hotel to nearest suitable place for running. Doesn’t matter, if you are a regular runner or you are getting ready for an upcoming marathon — you can easily combine your stay in Prague with regular workout and — if you wish — also with sightseeing.

Let us know how your plans look like, and we will find out how to fulfill them. Don’t miss a perfect opportunity to run in Prague and to explore its beauty in a minimum time.

For more information about Business Running or any other tour contact us via or directly by phone (+420) 777232387