Jogging & running tours in Prague

Center of Prague Tour

Prague Central Run: A Scenic 9km Journey Through the Heart of the City

Experience the vibrant pulse of Prague with this specially crafted 9km route, designed for a delightful blend of sightseeing and fitness. This moderate run winds through iconic landmarks and offers numerous spots for breathtaking stops.

Run Highlights:

  • Old Town Magic: Begin your adventure at the historic Old Town Square, immersing yourself in its rich history.
  • Vltava River’s Charm: Jog alongside the right bank of the serene Vltava river, letting its gentle flow set your pace.
  • Crossing Charles Bridge: Transition from one scenic spot to another as you cross the iconic Charles bridge, feeling the centuries of history underfoot.
  • Ascend to Petřín Hill: Challenge yourself with a slight incline up to Petřín Hill. Your reward? A mesmerizing panoramic view of Prague.
  • Royal Run to Prague Castle: Continue your journey to the majestic Prague Castle, feeling like royalty with every stride.
  • Parkland Pleasure: Conclude your run meandering through a tranquil park, before looping back to the bustling city center.

Tour Details:

  • Distance: Variable between 6-9km, depending on your preference and pace.
  • Timing: Kick off your run at 6am, 7am, 8am, or 10am daily. Afternoon or evening runs can be arranged upon request.
  • Meeting Point: If you’re staying at a hotel in the city center, we’ll meet you right there. Otherwise, we can convene at a mutually agreed location in the heart of Prague.

Embark on this journey and feel the essence of Prague with every step!