Jogging & running tours in Prague

About Us


Running Prague offers a number of jogging tours in Prague, both for experienced and inexperienced runners who would like to combine sightseeing with a nice feeling of being fit.

Founded by Martin Opolecký, a passionate athlete and jogging enthusiast, Running Prague welcomes keen runners from all over the world, gives them an opportunity to explore the heart of Europe in a healthy and eco-friendly tour.

Besides, we offer private running tours and personal training-running sessions for the whole period of your stay.

Why book Running Prague Tours?

  • Combination of sightseeing with regular running session
  • Private and customized tours
  • Discover Prague in a unique eco-friendly way
  • Get your pace and see much more of Prague than on a regular walking tour

For whom the running tours in Prague are designed?

  • beginners and recreational runners
  • individuals and groups of friends or corporate groups who want to see Prague from the different perspective
  • competitive runners visiting Prague who needs to do the workout
  • business people on their business trip


I am Martin Opolecký, an enthusiastic runner, triathlete and passionate traveler, and I
feel highly inspired by a new tourist project that would offer Prague tourists a completely different perspective. I used to live in the US, France and Uzbekistan, as a tourist I have traveled almost half the world, all the time with running shoes in my backpack. Back then I found out that while jogging in the morning I could discover the city much deeper and learn to orient myself much faster than any other walking tourist around.

Having returned to Prague, I had been working as a tour guide and studying modern history for a few years.

And now, all the preliminaries resulted in my launching a new running project — to offer you extraordinary running tours and show you the Running Prague!

Run in Prague with us!