Jogging & running tours in Prague

Running Just for Running

Prague’s Authentic Run: Pure Running, Pure Locality

Dive deep into the local rhythm of Prague with our “Running just for Running” tour. Straying from the typical tourist track, this route presents a slice of genuine Prague life, interlacing diverse neighborhoods, historical tracks, and serene natural landscapes.

Run Highlights:

  • City Pulse to Old Rails: Initiate your journey in the bustling city center before transitioning to the historical railroad. Once an active track, it’s now a vibrant cycling path, echoing memories of the past with every step.
  • Industrial Insight: Traverse the former working-class industrial quarter, getting a feel for its raw, historic energy juxtaposed with modern-day transformations.
  • Golf Course Gallop: Enjoy a peaceful stretch as you loop around a pristine golf course, a green oasis amidst urban settings.
  • Vltava River Run: The serene Vltava river will be your guide as you run towards landmarks like the whitewater center and the renowned Prague Zoo. The river’s gentle flow sets a tranquil pace, making for a meditative running experience.
  • Parkland Wonders: For those seeking an extended run, meander through enchanting parks dotted with their own distinct monuments. Each park narrates a tale of Prague’s rich history and love for green spaces.

Tour Details:

  • Distance: Embark on a fulfilling 15km run, with options to extend the journey further.
  • Start Times: Begin this authentic experience at 6am, 7am, 8am, or 10am daily. For those who’d like to experience Prague’s evening charm, afternoon or evening runs can be arranged.
  • Meeting Point: We’ll greet you at your hotel in the city center, or any centrally located spot of your preference.

“Running just for Running” isn’t merely a tour, it’s a homage to Prague’s genuine spirit. Join us, run authentic, and feel the city’s heartbeat.